DDS systems (patents pending) represent non-invasive, field-proven, first-to-market innovation, in terms of providing continuous 24-hr detection of lethal, toxic, explosive, gas, vapor, particulate and greenhouse emission plumes. Depending on the specific nature of molecular targets, Delacom’s ERMT technology detects quarter-diameter emission plumes at 20m, 1m sq. plumes at 250m, and 10m sq. plumes at 15km – which amounts to an unprecedented versatility of detection range.

The FEVDS system is several orders of magnitude forward in technology and performance over existing systems. It will detect the emission almost immediately, identify the specific location of the leak, monitor systems with lighter than air gasses and track migration of heavier than air gasses.

FEVDS Detection Optodynamics

  • Delacom Detection System ERMT technology utilizes a novel fractal wavelet transform-driven video analysis technique that processes and de-convolutes the image received from an optical sensor that monitors UV, Visible wavelength, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR reflection spectra, thereby revealing hidden vapor emissions;
  • The system continuously compares the present frame with the previous frames from the sensor, providing a time-driven snapshot evolution in the emission geometry formation of an evolving vapor plume;
  • The transparent vapor causes edges in the image to soften (mathematically reducing the energy of the image);
  • This in turn unmasks a temperature (and light wave) absorption frequency–coupled differential between the transparent/semitransparent vapor plume and the ambient background.